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Nationstates Nationname:
Population (in millions): Leave blank if you want your nation's NS population to be used. Input the value of "1" if you want your nation's population to be nth-rooted to the 67/100th power (I find this converts NS populations to realistic ones).

Government Control: 010
Taxation (percentage):
Government Budget Priorities by Function
Offensive Military Spending: 010
Defensive Military Spending: 010
Administration of Justice: 010
Secret Police: 010
Commerce, Industry, & Trade: 010
Transportation: 010
Education: 010
Healthcare: 010
Economic Equality: 010 (this does not do anything yet) *
Social Welfare: 010 *
Pork Projects: 010
Foreign Aid: 010

A brief quiz on national policy:
Trade Policy?
Free trade.
We enact reciprocating tariffs.
We enact stiff tariffs and quotas.
We only import for what we cannot produce.
Average Workweek: hours

* Economic equality represents basic income, tax brackets, and other means of shifting taxation/wealth from the rich to the poor. Welfare represents means of redistributing wealth as long as the person meets certain requirements, and includes social security and unemployment.
This quiz works by weighting your choices to determine budget percents for each category. More realistic then NS's "50% to Defence and 50% to Religion" budgets. Those budget percents and budget amounts influence the calculation.

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