Far Future Warfare Notes

Two military groups: the Colonial Militia, and the Astrotroopers (??)
Colonial militia are the first line of planetary defence, but the Astrotroopers (a la british regulars) are the main combatants

final mission fighting uprising by colonial militia, player can choose to side with militia
"Your job is now to quell riots on Sector 7 of MR 449. Mutinous army units are siding with the rioters, and you must restore security to the region." ...downtime between missions to maintain weapons...

M## ETC Liquid Propellant Gun

9mm APDS, chain-link feed, 100 round box
underbarrel 27mm HEAT-T grenade launcher, capable of engaging targets defilade
Weight: 6 kg
Barrel Recoil (9mm): 40mm
Propellant is fed from backpack
Propellant Capacity: 100 points, 9mm APDS costs 1 point, 27mm costs 7 points
firecontrol system for indirect fires, FCS could be damaged

RoF (cyclic): 180 rpm for 9mm, 60mm for 27mm
9mm Magazine Capacity: 45 rounds
27mm Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
Fire modes (9mm): Semi-automatic and four round burst

Muzzle Velocity 27mm: .5 km/s
Muzzle Velocity 9mm: 1.2 km/s

Penetration capabilities of a single 9mm caliber APDS round fired from a 900 mm barrel.
Range Armor Plate (RHA) Armor Plate (FHA) Sand Clay
200 m 27 mm 24 mm 360 mm 720 mm
600 m 19 mm 14 mm 305 mm 685 mm
1,500 m 8 mm 5 mm 150 mm 530 mm
Armor Penetration (27mm): 60mm RHA Note: Actual penetration can deviate by +/- 25% due to numerous factors, such as distance, quality of penetrator, quality of armor, angle of armor, etc. Ballistic Drop: Ballistic Drop: Mils Accuracy (9mm): .9 Mils Accuracy (27mm): 2 Minimum Safe Firing Range (27mm HEAT-T): 10 meters for unprotected personnel, 3 meters for protected personnel Minimum Arming Range: 3 to 8 meters

The M## is a bulk loaded liquid propellant gun, transforming the average astrotrooper into an armored vehicle of mass destruction.

The 9mm APDS is a 40mm long bullet, which when fired, will seperate into three aluminum sabot petals and one 7mm kinetic penetrator with an L/D ratio of 5.57. This allows for long range highly accurate fires with high penetration capabilities. Sustained fires could potentially penetrate most urban walls, with exceptions being of natural stone walls and thick armor steel. Common housefold furniture and appliances are easily penetrated by the 9mm.
The 27mm HEAT-T will not fuse within 5 meters. Three detonation options: 3 seconds after impact, at impact, or within one meter of the target using the fire control system to time the fuse. Restrict your rate of fire to twelve shots per ten seconds, for 9mm rounds. This is due to thermal softening. In emergency situations, you can go over these limits, however prolonged firing runs the risk of the gun exploding, particularly in hot or low pressure environs. The combined rate of fire for 27mm, is low enough that the risk of failure is unlikely, given reload time and time to pull the trigger, however try to avoid firing 27mm continuously.

M## 7x40mm Assault Rifle

assigned to the colonial militia
25 round double stacked magazine Muzzle Velocity: .9 km/s
2020 Warfare Notes
Work in progress.

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