Department of Defence FOIA & DTIC documents.

DoD Organization Chart, Current as of March 2012
Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure
Examples of fraud at the DoD, meant to serve as examples of behavior to avoid.
Department of Defense Fuel Spending, Acquisition, and Policy
High Speed Railroad for Tank Mobidtzation
Ground Vehicle Mobility Requirements - Series Hybrid
Report of the DSBTF on DoD Energy Strategy
Fuel costs could decide a war before it begins. The availability of fuel could decide a battle before engagement. Contains data and pie charts on sources of DoD energy, effects of blackouts on military bases, and mentions "Fuel that is transported at great risk, great costs in lives and money, and substantial diversion of combat assets for convoy protection, is burned in generator sets to produce electricity that is, in turn, used to air condition un-insulated and even unoccupied tents." It also explores various means and methods to reduce energy consumption of the DoD.
M1114 / Golden Power, describes hotel loads of modern Humvees
Design of an Electric Transmission for a Marine Amphibious Vehicle
Marine Corps Small Arms caliber study
Examines the ideal caliber mathematically, given a cartridge pressure, recoil force, and projectile energy at the maximum effective range. It calculated solution spaces for a common round for all weapon types (infantry rifle, assault rifle, light machine gun, medium machine gun), two rounds, one for IR and AR, and another for LMG and MMG, as well as two rounds, one for AR, IR, and LMG, and a different round for MMG. Roughly the ideal bullet is between 6mm to 7mm, but many previous and subsequent studies came to to similar conclusions. This document contains a fair amount of data on how they came to their conclusions.
Critical Technology Events in the Development of the Abram Tank
Written by several authors from the Center for Technology & National Security Policy, it explains various design decisions made in designing the Abrams Main Battle tank. It is written for non-experts or non-tank enthusiasts in mind but it is good reading for anyone interested in the Abrams.
High Energy Fuel for Surface Equipment
Heat Stress Mitigation for Leopard 2C tank crew
The report examines a system of reducing heat within a tank using an air conditioner and cooling vests, as well as a solar shield (white tarp). 300 halogen lamps were used to simulate the sun. The rectal temperatures of tank crew members were measured over the course of the test, and tests were halted in the event of temperatures reaching dangerous levels. Amusingly: "We were impressed with the hydration awareness of the volunteers in this evaluation. Without prompting they voluntarily consumed sufficient fluids during the trial to compensate for their sweat losses and avoid dehydration."
It is easy to ignore the men crewing the vehicles, but the true limit to the performance of a tank is the crew. Early tanks couldn't go at full speed due to poor suspension, the ventilation of early Cold War Soviet tanks were such that crews where barely capable of operating due to propellant fumes.

Ballistic Coefficient Documents
Comparing Advertised Ballistic Coefficients with Independent Measurements
We all know that many major bullet manufacturers lie, but by how much? It only compares advertised ballistic coefficients to only one source though, a Bryan Litz, so the overall accuracy of the evaluation is not completely certain.
More Inaccurate Specifications of Ballistic Coefficients
"Abstract: A ballistic coefficient (BC) can be determined by using two chronographs a measured distance away from each other and shooting a bullet so the velocity is measured by the two devices.... This article oresents new measurements for 21 different bullets and shows that BCs can differ significantly from the claims of the manufacturer. These differences can cause significant differences in the predicitons of ballistic modeling software. Evidence suggests that these variations are probably not due to excessive bullet yaw.
Ballistics of the .30-06

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