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Key other-website FOIA links

EFF FOIA How-to guide
Government Attic
Muckrock - FOIA Requester Service and Forum
I suggest Muckrock if you want a service to handle FOIA requests for you, at $4 per request ($20 buys 5 requests, sold in packs of 5). But the only reason why you'd need such a service is if the information is important, the agency might not respond, or the request will take more then two hours to search. If you aren't worried if the agency forgets or loses your request, then you probably shouldn't use Muckrock, it'd be cheaper to file the request yourself.
NSA Archive, also has guides on FOIA requests
Federation of American Scientists
OGIS - Federal Government FOIA Resource
FOIA Document Vault
Includes FOIA training manuals, and other documents of note
Burning Books, Bookstore - They have a few excellent FOIA sample requests if you want to request your own FBI file (and if you have the money for such an extensive search). Don't forget this form if you're requesting your own records.
secrecy {fragments} (blog)

If you are curious about the FOIA process, all government agencies are required to respond to an FOIA request. Just look up a few example requests and proceed from there. Amusingly, a few government agencies have an excellent online webportal.

Most Interesting
FBI Behavorial Report on Serial Killers pt. 1 pt. 2 pt. 3 pt. 4 pt. 5 pt. 6 pt. 7
Booklet on Criminal Investigative Analysis (profiling) on serial sexual homicide.
Controlled Offensive Behavior: "This report summarizes the information ... on Soviet research on human vulnerability ... to incapacitating individuals or small groups.
"In summary, what is the strategic threat posed by the current "explosion" in Soviet parapsychological research? Soviet efforts in the field of psi research...might enable them to do some of the following: Know the contents of top secret...documents... mold the thoughts of key ... leaders, at a distance." Fascinating, but obviously psychic research did not yield anything. ... Unless the Soviet collapse was engineered by psychics in a shadow war.
Explores the entirety of the field of Soviet parapsychological and psychological research dealing with suggestion, subliminal messages, and psychic powers.
BATF Explosive Standards Table, displays given threat ranges from vehicles with a payload of explosives.
Marine Corps Small Arms Caliber Study
Examines the ideal caliber mathematically, given a cartridge pressure, recoil force, and projectile energy at the maximum effective range. It calculated solution spaces for a common round for all weapon types (infantry rifle, assault rifle, light machine gun, medium machine gun), two rounds, one for IR and AR, and another for LMG and MMG, as well as two rounds, one for AR, IR, and LMG, and a different round for MMG. Roughly the ideal bullet is between 6mm to 7mm, but many previous and subsequent studies came to to similar conclusions. This document contains a fair amount of data on how they came to their conclusions.
Dependence of U.S. Defense Systems on Foreign Technology
Examines various foreign produced components as a security risk as well as reasons why the U.S. military may have a dependence on foreign technology. "Most relevant to this emphasis are study findings of high concentrations of foreign sourcing in microelectronics production equipment, high-resolution systems, machine tools, and other precision production equipment used in defense applications, and advanced materials."
Report of the DSBTF on DoD Energy Strategy - 2008
Fuel costs could decide a war before it begins. The availablity of fuel could decide a battle before engagement. Contains data and pie charts on sources of DoD energy, effects of blackouts on military bases, and mentions "Fuel that is transported at great risk, great costs in lives and money, and substantial diversion of combat assets for convoy protection, is burned in generator sets to produce electricity that is, in turn, used to air condition un-insulated and even unoccupied tents (2011 news article)." It also explores various means and methods to reduce energy consumption of the DoD.
Comparing Advertised Ballistic Coefficients with Independent Measurements
We all know that many major bullet manufacturers lie, but by how much? It only compares advertised ballistic coefficients to only one source though, a Bryan Litz, so the overall accuracy of the evaluation is not completely certain.

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