US Tanks

The 90mm Gun Full Tracked Combat Tank, M32 is the first generation universal tank for the United States. The universal tank doctrine was developed due to the nature of expeditionary warfare in possible future conflicts. Due to the weight of a heavy tank, it was considered that a universal tank would be superior, particularly for transport. Many nations copied the US in this sort of thinking.

The M32 tank has it's origins in the M26 tank.

OSS Estimates:
Weight: 47 tonnes
Upper Glacis: 129mm @ 50 degrees
Lower Glacis: 63mm @ 0 degrees
Hull side, upper: 40 mm
Hull side, lower: 20 mm
Hull rear: 20mm
Roof: 20mm
Turret front: 150 mm
Turret sides: 100 mm
Turret rear: 40 mm
Note: Spaced armor is used in the front, reducing the penetration of shaped charges by 50mm.
Engine: V-12 air-cooled diesel engine (760 HP)


US Guns


Designed by Eugene Stoner, this Armalite produced rifle is maintenance intensive, but noted for it's excellent accuracy and light weight. It is capable of firing out to 700 meters.
Cartridge: .280 British
Cost: $400

M1 Carbine

M3 submachine gun

The M3 is simply and cheaply made. Capable of either automatic or semi-automatic fire, and is decently (90%) accurate against area (6x6 foot) targets at 50 yards.
Cartridge: .45 ACP
Cost: $20


Features an integral suppressor, reducing the noise produced when firing slightly.
Cartridge: .45 ACP
Cost: $50

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