Pre-War German naval construction plans emphasize submarines, and neglect a surface fleet. While this prevents an invasion of Norway, this means that after the conquest of France, Germany has greater submarine strength in the Atlantic.

November 1942. The Battle of the Atlantic was lost. Starvation took hold in Britain. Pets began disapearing, what few shops that had food were under armed guard. Finally Britain experiences the suffering that Germany did during the Great War. Churchill loses a vote of no confidence and a peace treaty is signed with both Britain and France.

American generals consider enacting Operation Torch in order to establish a base of which to invade Europe, but the President realizes the futility of it and signs a white peace with Hitler. Roosevelt dies a month later.

The United States however pursues it's war with Japan, a largely pointless endeavor, but one deemed necessary to prevent the collapse of China and total Axis domination.

August 1943. A de facto peace occurs between the Soviet Union and Germany. Major operations cease, but border raids and attacks continue.

Unknown Date. Atomic bomb research is ended in the US and in Germany after respectively, US scientists predict the A-Bomb will ignite the atmosphere, and German scientists believe an unfeasibly high amount of uranium is required for critical mass.

April 1944. Operation Downfall begins, initial casualty estimates were widely overestimated after the Emperor of Japan decides that the bloody house to house battles of Kyushu should not be repeated. The imperial family was allowed by US occupation forces to continue to exist, but a republic was established.

The cold war is beginning, the Soviet Union allows the ChiComs to operate freely through Manchuria, while the Soviet military arms them. US troops are sent in to support and train the nationalists, while the US begins to demobilize to quell outcry at home.

The GDR (Gross Deutsche Reich, or Greater German Reich) is mired in an unending guerrilla war in Siberia. The United States is unable to support the rebels due to strong German customs patrols.

Work in progress.

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