U.S. Industrial Gaming Applications aims to produce industrial strength products for your enjoyment. Hard to break, balanced by fine and advanced instrumentation, but engineered to serve your needs. USIGA is proud to be an American company.

USIGA is a solo gaming organization, run by one person.

We are a low budget operation. We use a free web host, in conjunction with Dropbox to offload high bandwith files (images and HTML5 applications). Dropbox for instance allows 20 gigabytes of bandwith per day, although if the website needs an upgrade to Dropbox Pro, the site will have 200 gigabytes of bandwith per day for large files, while in contrast VlexoFree allows for 5 GB per month for bandwith. I sincerely suggest for you to use a conjunction of the above to limit your own website costs, especially since VlexoFree is a free web host that allows PHP.
This website is financed through donations and advertisements.

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